A folding knife is a tool that’s extremely valuable in a variety of situations, from slicing open a package to shaving feather sticks to start a fire in a survival situation. However, there are plenty of everyday tasks that a knife is not ideal for. While you might be able to use the tip to pry open a can of paint or work loose a screw, we shouldn’t have to tell you that those actions will soon damage the blade. Multitools do a good job bridging this gap, with a small knife blade, screwdriver, can opener, and other tools, but we’ve often found ourselves wanting a multitool that prioritizes our most commonly-used tool: the knife. The new Leatherman Free K Series aims to fill this niche.

The Leatherman Free K Series includes four models, the K2, K2X, K4, and K4X. Each features a sturdy 3.3-inch folding blade with a proprietary magnetic locking mechanism, aluminum handle, and a deep-carry pocket clip. Although 420HC wouldn’t be our first choice for blade steel, this material is easy to sharpen and keeps the price affordable — MSRP is $80 for the K2/K2X or $90 for the K4/K4X.

Additional tools fold out from the opposite side of the handle, and feature their own locking mechanism. K2 models include eight tools: knife, pry tool, package opener, awl, bottle opener, Phillips screwdriver, and medium and extra-small flat screwdrivers. The K4 model brings total tool count to nine by adding spring-action scissors. The tools come standard with a straight blade and Slate gray handle finish; “X” models feature a partially-serrated blade and silver finish.

From left to right: Leatherman Free K2, K2X, K4, and K4X.

For more information on the Free K series tools, go to Leatherman.com.

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