Ever see a firefighter holding a flashlight? You probably won't, since they need both hands free to work and clear debris. What about a headlamp? You might see them occasionally, but the constraints of heat resistance and fitting over a large helmet make them less common.

Angle light firefighter

More often than not, you'll see firefighters wearing a third type of device: an angle light. These devices are typically mounted on a chest pocket or shoulder strap, and provide hands-free forward-facing illumination. Better yet, they're designed to be highly durable for use in extreme conditions.


The XPR-5572R angle light offers many settings for short- and long-range illumination.

Night Stick has just launched a new line of three Dual-Light Angle Lights: the XPP-5570R (AA batteries), XPR-5572R (rechargeable Li-Ion battery), and XPR-5572RM (rechargeable with magnetic base). Note the term “dual-light”—it indicates that these provide both a wide LED flood light and a focused LED spot light. You can turn on one or the other, or use both at the same time for maximum short- and long-distance illumination.

The XPR-5572R rechargeable light includes multiple charging and battery options.

The XPR-5572R rechargeable light includes multiple charging and battery options.

For survival purposes, dual illumination features are nice to have, but what's more important is durability and reliability. Each of the three Night Stick angle light models is drop-rated at 2 meters, IP-X7 rated waterproof, and meets firefighting performance standard NFPA-1971-8.6. It's even certified as Intrinsically Safe, meaning it won't become an ignition source around gas fumes or other flammable atmospheric conditions.


The spot light provides anywhere from 60 to 200 lumens (depending on power level) and a 267 meter beam distance, while the floodlight provides a maximum of 200 lumens down to a minimum of 20 lumens in low-power “Survival Mode”. These Night Stick angle lights can run continuously for 6 hours in high brightness mode, or up to 30 hours in Survival Mode.

MSRP is $59.95 for the XPP-5570R with AA batteries, $99.95 for the XPR-5572R with rechargeable Li-Ion battery, and $125.95 XPR-5572RM with the magnetic base.

If you're looking for an alternative to handheld flashlights and headlamps, these Night Stick lights are about as tough as it gets, and are worth considering. For more information, visit baycoproducts.com.

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