We've said it before and we'll say it again: emergency preparedness is important for everyone. Far too often, preppers are stereotyped as some sort of fringe group, but in reality every man, woman, and child can (and should) take steps to be better prepared for disasters. This can mean stockpiling extra food and water, setting up early warning systems, or simply talking to your family, friends, and neighbors about how to work together in an emergency. This sort of proactive preparedness saves lives.

That said, preparedness has to start somewhere, and it's likely that some people you know haven't even given it a second thought. For those individuals, it may be helpful to reiterate the importance of simple disaster preparedness, and outline some of the steps that can be taken to be ready for a house fire, tornado, flood, earthquake, or other disastrous event.

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We recently came across an article on CouponChief.com written by Monique Dugaw, the regional director of communications for the American Red Cross. It describes some of the basics of disaster preparedness, including why it's important, how to implement and practice your plan, and the bare minimum of gear to have on hand. The introduction is particularly appealing to those who may not consider themselves preppers:

“Fear and stress are killers. They kill us from the inside out. We must find constructive ways to defuse the situation. Faith practices, physical exercise, counseling and peer groups… all can help, but there’s one thing everyone should consider: Get prepared. When you take the initiative to recognize potential problems and prepare to deal with them when and if they come, you not only position yourself to face those difficulties, but knowing you’re ready helps lower stress.”

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Check out the full article here and consider if any of the people you know might benefit from this basic guide. This info might seem rudimentary to us, but it's a good starting point for those who are new to emergency preparedness.

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