It's no secret that most of the big social media sites aren't friendly toward the subject of guns. Many content creators who use these platforms have seen their content demonetized, mysteriously hidden from subscribers, or have even had their accounts deleted with no warning or explanation. Even creators who focus entirely on educating their followers on the safe handling or historical aspects of weapons have faced these restrictions. This is one of the factors that motivated our sister publication RECOIL to create its own gun-friendly streaming video platform: RECOILtv. The growth of that platform has continued with the recent addition of Forgotten Weapons and InRangeTV.

If you're into guns and their history, Forgotten Weapons should need no introduction. Its founder, Ian McCollum, who the Internet has lovingly nicknamed Gun Jesus, has been producing fascinating videos for years — we've shared a few of them here on OFFGRIDweb. We've learned a lot about obscure guns we'd never heard of, as well as the origins and inner-workings of some that are too rare or costly for us to lay hands on. His other project, InRangeTV, also has some great content beyond the historical and weapon engineering realm.

Check the 3:35 mark in the video below for McCollum's announcement of Forgotten Weapons and InRangeTV coming to RECOILtv, or head over to the Forgotten Weapons channel or InRangeTV channel now to start watching some videos.

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