YouTube can be a great resource for education on all sorts of useful topics, from navigation and shelter-building to foraging for wild edibles and purifying water. Unfortunately, if you want to learn about guns, you may need to look elsewhere. The site's recent revisions to its content policy and demonetization of gun-related videos have caused firearm channels to express concern about their future on the platform.

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Our friends at RECOIL saw the writing on the wall, and have already taken a step in the opposite direction with RECOILtv, which launched back in 2016. This streaming video platform exists free of the restrictive YouTube ecosystem, and has already served as a home for gun-, gear-, and training-related content created by our staff. More recently, RECOILtv has created a Partner Content section to host videos from other noteworthy gun channels who are looking for an alternative to YouTube.

YouTube gun policy RECOILtv partner content video streaming 2

Currently, the new RECOILtv Partner Content offers videos from the following creators:

InRangeTV – A collaboration between Ian McCollum (of Forgotten Weapons) and Karl Kasarda, with a wide range of videos about modern and historic weapons.

C&Rsenal – Learn all about guns from around the world with these videos covering in-depth firearm history.

Of course, this is just the beginning. RECOIL is working to expand the partner content lineup in the future and help more gun-related video creators find a better platform to share their work. To see the latest third-party gun videos on RECOILtv, go to and click the Partner Content button.

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