What would your ultimate overland Jeep build look like? Each of our answers will be a little different, but they'll probably share some common ground — mud tires and increased ground clearance for overcoming obstacles, a winch and other recovery tools for getting un-stuck, auxiliary lighting for visibility on dark trails, onboard communication and navigation gear, and plenty of storage for gear and supplies. Brownells teamed up with builder and fabricator Yeti Built to create their vision of the ultimate overland Jeep, dubbed the Adventure Dream Rig (ADR).

Last year at Overland Expo, Mike Glover and the RECOILtv film crew caught up with Brownells CEO Pete Brownell to take a closer look at the Adventure Dream Rig. Brownell drew an interesting comparison between modifying the Jeep and modifying common gun platforms like the AR-15. Each serves as a blank canvas for a slew of aftermarket accessories and upgrades, many of which can be installed in your garage or home workshop.

Photo via Yeti Built

The Brownells ADR overland Jeep build was stripped down to the chassis and a Corvette LS3 V8 was installed, along with heavy-duty 8-lug axles and suspension parts from Teraflex. It then received sheetmetal bumpers, KC Hilites lighting, 40-inch Mickey Thompson tires on 17-inch beadlock wheels, a 10-inch body stretch, a custom all-aluminum hardtop, and internal and external roll cages. That's barely scratching the surface. For an even more detailed look at the Brownells ADR Jeep, check out the video below:

Start Your Own Overland Build:

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