Kitanica is an outdoor apparel company that has become famous for its bold, almost-futuristic clothing designs. We’ve heard some describe the company’s products as the sort of thing you’d see in a sci-fi movie, and we wouldn’t say that’s entirely wrong. Some are drawn to this unique look — Mythbusters host Adam Savage and Duane Johnson have appeared in Kitanica gear — while others prefer more traditional clothing.

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Kitanica Mark IV jacket

Regardless of your stance on the styling, it’s hard to deny that Kitanica’s apparel is built to an extremely high standard. Our experience with the Kitanica Mark IV jacket was a testament to this. We also have a pair of RSP pants that have seen frequent use and held up admirably.

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If you like the idea of Kitanica’s ultra-durable gear but tend to prefer simpler designs, the new Roughneck jacket should be just what you’ve been waiting for. This is the company’s take on a classic collared button-up jacket, and as with all other Kitanica apparel, it’s handmade in America from domestically-produced materials.

Kitanica Roughneck jacket outerwear apparel fire retardant coat 2

The Roughneck is available in either water-resistant cotton duck fabric or fire-retardant Kevlar/Nomex ripstop fabric. It features a left-side zippered chest pocket, two hand pockets, two interior pockets, and a pen holder on the left shoulder. Cinch tabs at the waist and buttons at the cuffs help seal out cold drafts.

Kitanica Roughneck jacket outerwear apparel fire retardant coat 5

Kitanica Roughneck FR in Midnight Blue

Currently, the standard cotton Roughneck is available in black, and the Kevlar/Nomex Roughneck FR is available in midnight blue. However, more colors may be offered in the future. MSRP is $179 for the standard Roughneck and $349 for the Roughneck FR (substantially more expensive due to the costly fire-retardant fabric).

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