We've seen a lot of EDC pocket tools over the years, but never one that looked like this. The Punisher Tool by DDR was unveiled just this month, and it combines form and function into something DDR calls “the ultimate Man Tool”. So, aside from looking like an angry skull, what can it do? Quite a bit, actually.

Punisher tool 2

Starting at the top of the tool, there's a comb that's designed for beard grooming—after all, nobody likes a tangled, scraggly beard. Next, the skull's eyes are actually stepped nut drivers for both metric (6mm-13mm) and SAE (1/4-1/2 inch) sizes. The tool's “cheek bones” are actually bottle openers, which in our opinion is a must for any EDC tool. Finally, there's a Phillips screwdriver bit in the “mouth” that slots vertically into the “chin”, turning the entire tool into a handle.

Punisher tool 1

Jimping on the sides of the tool provides a secure grip, and DDR even says the comb teeth can be used as a self-defense weapon if necessary. The Punisher Tool is made in the USA from 6AL4V aircraft-grade titanium, and is hand-finished by skilled knife maker Darrel Ralph. It's also available in several finish colors, and there's even an optional belt holster add-on.  The tool's MSRP is $140 plus free shipping in the continental US.

To learn more about this EDC tool from DDR, visit the Punisher Life shop.

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