A durable, razor-sharp fixed-blade knife is one of the most essential tools for survival. Your knife should act as an extension of your body, effortlessly splitting firewood and precisely skinning small game. It's an item you'd better be ready to stake your life on in a survival scenario.

TOPS Knives Hazen Legion 6 02

If you're looking for a rugged knife that's built like a tank, TOPS Knives are an excellent choice. The company has been manufacturing hand-finished blades at its facility in the heart of the Rocky Mountains since 1998, and its designs have been tested and used by numerous military operators worldwide. That's why the company's motto is “Special Ops Trust TOPS”.

We previously tested the TOPS Anaconda 7B as part of our “12 Tools for Survival” guide, and found that it was a high-quality piece and a real workhorse.

TOPS Knives Hazen Legion 6 07

Recently, TOPS announced the addition of a new model to its line, the TOPS Knives Hazen Legion 6.0. This represents their first new knife of 2016, and was created in a collaborative effort with experienced blade designer Mark Hazen. The blade debuted at this year's SHOT Show.

Check out the video below to see it in action.

With over four decades of knife-making experience, it's safe to say Hazen knows a thing or two about blades. However, demand was so high for his hand-made knives, he came to TOPS and partnered with them to produce the Legion 6.0 in larger quantities. Thanks to the additional manpower, TOPS is able to produce the design faster, but retain the excellent precision and quality Hazen expected.

TOPS Knives Hazen Legion 6 06

The TOPS Knives Hazen Legion 6.0 is designed for combat, with a 6-inch cutting edge and Hunter's Point shape. The Legion is sculpted from 1095 high-carbon steel, providing excellent durability and easy sharpening in the field, and uses grippy and tough Black Linen Micarta handle scales.

TOPS Knives Hazen Legion 6 04

This knife also includes a durable Kydex sheath, with an integrated belt clip for easy access. Like most TOPS knives, it can also be customized with blade serrations, or with textured “Rocky Mountain Tread” handle scales for added grip.

The all-new TOPS Knives Hazen Legion 6.0 has an MSRP of $210 (although at the time of this article, it's on sale for less via the company's web store). To learn more about this blade and other TOPS Knives, visit TopsKnives.com.

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