Nobody likes mosquitoes. These buzzing, blood-sucking scourges of the air seem to exist only to spread misery and disease. They're surprisingly resilient, annoyingly persistent, and for every one you kill, more take its place. Statistically, they're the single most deadly organism on Earth, killing hundreds of thousands of people each year. Some biologists have even advocated “specicide” — that is, completely wiping out the most dangerous disease-carrying species.

Putting aside the global impact of mosquitoes for a moment, how can we deal with these pests on a smaller scale? Ceasing the spread of malaria, zika, and dengue fever around the world is an admirable goal, but stopping mosquitoes in your own backyard is more practical and attainable. As we approach springtime, the mosquitoes will be coming, if they haven't already arrived.

In order to help you prepare for mosquito season, we've collected a few helpful infographics on the topic. First, here's a map of the time frame when mosquitoes start becoming active:

Mosquito infographic insect repellent bug pest parasite 7

If you live in the southern United States, mosquitoes are likely already buzzing around. Central and northern states may have a few more weeks before the pests arrive. The peak of mosquito season varies based on region and mosquito species, but mid-summer is generally regarded as the height of the activity.

Now that you have a rough time frame, you'll need to take action. Here's a good primer from Insect Cop on the factors which attract mosquitoes, and how to deter them. Click here for a full-size version of this graphic.

Mosquito infographic insect repellent bug pest parasite 2Mosquito infographic insect repellent bug pest parasite 3Mosquito infographic insect repellent bug pest parasite 4Mosquito infographic insect repellent bug pest parasite 5Mosquito infographic insect repellent bug pest parasite 6

Since stagnant water breeding grounds are a primary cause of the problem, we'll share another infographic from the World Health Organization. It covers a few more locations where mosquitoes reside and breed around your home. Click here to view a full-size version.

MOSQUITObreedingINFOgraphcsENG MOSQUITObreedingINFOgraphcsENG

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