Do you remember the first knife you ever used? Thinking back to my own childhood, my father had what I now recognize as a Buck 110 Folding Hunter in the glovebox of his car. It was scuffed and scratched, and its cutting edge was well-worn, but it was one of the first folding knives I ever laid my hands on. That memory has stuck with me. Even though I now own many modern knives decked out with titanium and carbon fiber, the Buck 110 has a classic look that will never feel old to me.

My dad's old Buck knife looked much like this one.

My dad's old Buck knife looked much like this one, with what some might call “patina”. Photo: CapCase...

More than 50 years after the debut of the Buck 110 in 1963, the company still offers the traditional design, complete with the wood handle, nail nick, and lockback. However, Buck has recently announced a new version of this iconic folding knife. This time, it's available as an automatic.

Buck 110 auto folding knife hunting blade 2

Buck's new 110 Auto model has a button-release mechanism, and a traditional lockback.

The Buck 110 Auto closely resembles the original Folding Hunter, and still has the wood scales with brass pins and bolsters. You'll likely notice the push-button on the handle, and also that the 420HC stainless blade is missing its nail nick. Pressing the button releases the blade; to close it again, depress the lockback like you would on a manual-opening Buck 110.

Here's a video clip we recorded at SHOT Show 2017 of the knife opening:

Like the original, the new Buck 110 Auto is made in the USA, and includes a leather sheath. This knife is available at an MSRP of $200. For more information on the 110 Auto, visit

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