We've all heard stories of what can happen if you fall through thin ice on a river or pond, but would you know what to do if it happened to you? Many people panic and exhaust themselves before they can escape or be rescued, resulting in tragic deaths each year. Fortunately, with the right knowledge and training, getting yourself out of the icy water is possible.

Before we get into the right way to survive a fall through ice, here's a good example of what NOT to do. (Despite the video title, this guy is obviously not Bear Grylls.)

Now that we've seen it's a bad idea to jump on river ice in your underwear, we'll illustrate how you should escape if this happens. The Art of Manliness created this 6-step infographic about what to do:

Fall Through Ice

It's also said that you shouldn't venture onto clear ice that's less than 2 inches thick. Opaque white ice should be double that thickness to support you, as it's less dense. To learn more about how to survive falling through the ice, read the rest of The Art of Manliness's article here.

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