We've all considered the uncomfortable scenario where something goes bump in the night — maybe it was your dog knocking something off a table, one of your kids sneaking out, or an armed home intruder looking to victimize your family. Whatever the case may be, you'll be faced with two options. Option A is to assume there's a threat, barricade yourself in your bedroom, and call for help. Option B is to actively clear the house to ensure there's no threat, or find and eliminate the threat before it finds you. In the latest RECOILtv Training Tune Ups video, Dan Brokos discusses the latter option — applying an offensive mindset to home defense.

If you want to clear your house safely, you shouldn't be stumbling haphazardly into rooms and spinning around. You should be methodically checking corners before moving into each room. There are a few ways to accomplish this, as Brokos explains. First is the Deliberate Pie method, which slowly “slices the pie” while moving around a doorway to slowly check all angles. Second is what Brokos calls Eating the Door, a method that's faster and more dynamic but relies on the same corner-center-corner progression.

As the saying goes, there are times when the best defense is a good offense. If you think someone just broke into your home and poses an imminent threat to your family, there may be no time to wait for law enforcement to arrive. In that case, clearing rooms quickly and methodically can help you stay safe as you ensure your home is clear.

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