A laptop bag is a relatively innocuous, everyday item. You'll see them in just about every coffee shop, business, and home, and no one would think twice if you walk down the street with one of these bags over your shoulder.

Multi-Threat Shield ballistic protection 1

The MTS is no ordinary laptop bag. Believe it or not, it can stop a .44 Magnum round.

This discreet appearance is exactly what Force Training Institute and Covered 6 were counting on when they developed the MTS Multi-Threat Shield, a quick-deploy ballistic shield that looks like an ordinary laptop bag. Rather than simply protecting your expensive computer, the MTS can actually protect you from punches, kicks, edged weapons, or even a hail of gunfire.

Multi-Threat Shield ballistic protection 5

So, how does the Multi-Threat Shield work? By simply grabbing the handle on its exterior and flicking your wrist upward, the MTS instantly deploys into a 3-foot-long blanket of protection.

Multi-Threat Shield ballistic protection 3

According to Force Training Institute, the NIJ Level IIIA armor can defeat multiple impacts from most handgun, shotgun, and pistol caliber sub-machine gun rounds. There's even an optional Level III Rifle Plate insert available, if you need protection from higher-caliber bullets.

The MTS was tested and certified by the National Institute of Justice, and was found to have “no penetration” under Threat Level IIIA. It will not fold or bend when shot, and only weighs 8 pounds, which is surprisingly light for this level of protection.

Multi-Threat Shield ballistic protection 4

For added practicality, the Multi-Threat Shield has an expandable utility pouch with a side zipper for covert access. This allows users to carry a laptop or tablet, or a concealed handgun, depending on what the situation calls for.

The good news is the Multi-Threat Shield is available to the general public, not just LEOs and military members. However, it's expensive at an $899.00 MSRP. FTI does offer free ground shipping, as well as bulk discounts and law enforcement discounts.

Click here to read more or purchase the MTS Multi-Threat Shield.

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