There's no denying that high-tech moisture-wicking materials and space-age fabrics are beneficial, but sometimes when it comes to apparel, simplicity is best. That's why it's nice to see Magpul covering all the bases with a new glove design that's decidedly old-school.

Magpul CORE ranch gloves 3

This new product is the Magpul CORE Ranch Glove, and it was inspired by the company's move to a new headquarters in Central Texas. In the surrounding area, Magpul saw cowboys and cattle ranchers wearing weather-beaten and worn leather gloves, so the company decided to expand its product lineup into this market.

With Magpul's considerable experience making tactical gloves, it was a natural step. The company calls the CORE Ranch Glove “a modern interpretation of a classic,” based on the traditional (but rather crudely made) tough leather glove designs that have existed for centuries.

Magpul CORE ranch gloves 1

However, several improvements were made to the traditional rancher's glove design. Soft and durable 100% goatskin leather gives improved tactile feedback, and can hold up to day-to-day wear. There's also an elasticized wrist and extended gauntlet, so the gloves can be put on and removed easily.

Magpul CORE ranch gloves 2

Recognizing the importance of smartphones and other touchscreen devices, Magpul also added conductive thread on the index finger of each glove. Subdued branding keeps the Magpul CORE Ranch Glove looking clean and traditional.

The new CORE Ranch Gloves are available directly through Magpul's web site for an MSRP of $39.95, and are offered in sizes ranging from S to 2XL. For more information on Magpul gear and apparel, visit

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