Even if you're not a smoker, a lighter is an extremely valuable addition to your every-day carry gear. It can help you get a fire going immediately in an emergency situation, but it's also great for more mundane tasks like lighting finicky stove burners and melting the ends of paracord or nylon webbing. A lighter can even be a useful social engineering tool, since offering someone a light is a good way to get a casual conversation started. With this in mind, Thyrm recently unveiled the new “2.0” version of its PyroVault Zippo case, which offers weather- and impact-resistant protection for a Zippo lighter or butane torch insert.

The new Thyrm PyroVault 2.0 Zippo case features a dual-walled, two-tone exoskeleton design. It has an integrated gasket seal to keep dust and water out; this also keeps fuel in so classic liquid-fuel lighters won't dry out quickly. The lid has a stainless pivot axle and torsion spring, and it snaps shut with a new low-profile latch.

Also, as seen in the cutaway graphic in the image above, the PyroVault has space for an included SOL Tinder Quik fire starter.

The PyroVault 2.0 accepts classic liquid-fuel Zippo lighters, as well as Zippo's newer single-torch, double-torch, and yellow flame butane inserts. It'll even work with Zippo rechargeable arc lighters and various aftermarket inserts from Z-Plus, Thunderbird, Blazer, and other companies. Personally, I've been carrying a single-torch Zippo butane lighter as part of my EDC for more than a year, and I have found it to be a substantial improvement over the classic Zippo insert that always seemed to be dried out when I needed it.

Six colorways are available for the PyroVault 2.0 Zippo case, as seen in the image above. These range from high-vis orange to muted urban grey. Each includes an integrated lanyard loop at the bottom.

The Thyrm PyroVault is designed and made in the USA. Pricing ranges from $35 with no insert to $48-53 with various Zippo lighter inserts — since Thyrm is a Zippo dealer, you'll save some money buying an insert from them, as opposed to buying it separately. For more information, go to Thyrm.com.

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