Let’s face it: if you’re planning to survive in the wild, you’re going to need more than the contents of a breath mint tin to do so properly. And if all your survival gear had to fit in a handheld tin, you’d probably build it yourself from scratch, agonizing over every square millimeter of space. Nevertheless, pre-fabricated “all in one” pocket-sized survival kits have become popular in the last few years, mostly as a feel-good gimmick for amateur campers and hikers who’ll never really use them.

So, if you did have to survive using only a pre-made kit, how would you do? This video from Wranglerstar on YouTube provides a humorous take on the actual quality of a pre-made survival tin. To be fair, that the kit the host tests is a “Terminator Genisys” movie promotional item included with Schwarzkopf brand hair products (yes, that’s right, a hair gel company’s survival kit). It’s not exactly a high-dollar item, but it’s still pretty funny to watch the results of this so-called survival kit.

What can we learn from this? First, you’ll want to build a proper survival kit or bug-out bag, since the contents of a mint tin are not going to get you very far. Secondly, just because something says “Survival Kit” doesn’t mean it’s to be trusted. Finally, don’t get your survival products from a company that sells hair gel! Otherwise, you’ll be left stranded and praying for rescue—but at least your hair will look spiffy.

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