In a survival situation, the last thing you want to do is scare off the game you’re hunting with the crack of a muzzle report, since it could make the difference between a hearty meal and an empty dinner table. However, it’s equally important to have enough stopping power to bring down said game, otherwise you might as well be using a slingshot—silent, but not nearly as effective. CCI Ammunition has achieved a happy medium between these two goals, with their Quiet-22 Segmented Hollow-Points.

The CCI Quiet-22 ammo considerably reduces muzzle noise, with up to 75% less perceived noise than a regular 22 LR round. However, it also retains excellent power, with a segmented bullet that splits into three pieces on impact. This creates three wound channels, and brings down small game with ease. You might be thinking there’s a trade-off here, but CCI says the new round retains the excellent accuracy and reliability you’d expect from standard 22 LR ammunition. However, because it’s a low-velocity round, you may have to cycle your weapon manually if you use it in a semi-automatic rifle. Still, with a 75% noise reduction, it’s something worth considering.

Here’s a quick video of the Quiet-22’s sound level compared to standard 22 LR and CCI 22 Short:

For more information on the CCI Quiet-22 Ammunition, visit

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