Back in 2013, CRKT staff had a conversation with tomahawk designer Ryan Johnson, of RMJ Tactical. During this conversation, Ryan brought up the fact that he had been working alongside combat veterans, many of whom were struggling with the difficult effects of PTSD. To overcome this condition, Ryan was helping these veterans learn to design and forge custom tools and bladed weapons.

CRKT Forged by War knives 2

Elmer Roush, a Vietnam vet, designed the new CRKT Birler tactical axe.

After hearing about this worthy endeavor, CRKT decided to take it one step further, and launch a program called Forged By War. Under this program, CRKT is encouraging combat veterans from various backgrounds to create tools they wish were available on the battlefield. The first three tool designs are now being mass-produced by CRKT for the public—and better yet, 10% of the net profits will be donated to charities of the veterans' choice.

CRKT Forged by War knives 3

Darrin Sirois with his creation, the dual-edged Sangrador dagger.

The first tool in the Forged By War collection is called the Clever Girl, and was designed by Austin McGlaun, a U.S. Army veteran who served in the Iraq war. The Clever Girl is a fixed-blade tactical knife with a Persian-style upswept blade, G10 handle scales, and MOLLE-compatible sheath. It is sold at an MSRP of $125, with 10% of the profits going to the Green Beret Foundation.

CRKT Forged by War knives 1

Austin McGlaun shows off his new Clever Girl blade, available now through CRKT.

The second tool CRKT is now producing is called the Sangrador, which means “bleeder” in Latin. It was designed by Darrin Sirois, a U.S. Army Special Operations veteran who served numerous tours in Panama, Desert Storm, the Balkans, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The Sangrador is a 5.5-inch dual-edge dagger with Veff serrations and a G10 handle. This knife is available for an MSRP of $150, with 10% of profits donated to Purple Heart Homes.

Finally, blacksmith and U.S. Air Force Vietnam veteran Elmer Roush designed a tactical pack axe known as the Birler. This compact axe features a stout hickory handle and a head forged from tough 1055 carbon steel. Elmer's axe design will be available soon for an MSRP of $90, and 10% of its profits will go to the Green Beret Foundation.

We wholeheartedly support what CRKT is doing with the Forged By War program—not only because it supports veterans and charities, but also because it launches practical and effective new blade designs inspired by actual combat. How's that for a win-win scenario?

For more information on the CRKT Forged By War program and these three blades, visit

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