First Tactical has announced that it will be expanding its popular line of Tactix backpacks with two new variants: a half-day model and a three-day model.

Currently, the Tactix line consists of a single offering, the Tactix 1-Day Plus pack. This 40.5-liter-capacity model is intended to carry a full day's gear, but First Tactical is aware that the “one size fits all” mentality doesn't always transfer to the tactical gear market. So, the company has stated that it will be releasing a “second wave” of packs—one smaller, and one larger.

The current Tactix 1-Day Plus model is available in three colors.

The current Tactix One-Day Plus model is available in three color choices.

We don't have all the details yet, but we know the new packs will be available towards the end of this year. They'll also share the key features of the One-Day Plus model, which has become First Tactical's best-selling product after its release late last year.

First Tactical Tactix backpack 2

The Tactix backpacks will all feature the innovative Lynx Laser Cut Platform, a modular expansion system that is compatible with MOLLE/PALS. This design features twice the usable loops of traditional PALS webbing, and First Tactical says its laser-cut laminated slats have been proven to be 20 percent stronger than ordinary sewn-on webbing strips. Additional loops allow for exact positioning of add-on pouches, and provide more space for mounting gear creatively.

First Tactical Tactix backpack 3

The Tactix pack's Lynx laser-cut webbing slats are stronger and more versatile than traditional PALS webbing.

Additionally, the Hook and Hang Thru compartment allows users to slide longer items (such as a First Tactical rifle sleeve) through the pack without taking up pocket space. Removable compression straps on the Tactix backpacks ensure gear stays firmly in place, whether the bag is almost empty or fully-packed.

First Tactical Tactix backpack 4

For more details on the Tactix One-Day Plus backpack, and the upcoming Half-Day and Three-Day variants, visit

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