The term “utility belt” evokes images of a caped superhero wearing a bulky belt full of pockets, gadgets, and gizmos. Obviously, that's not practical for the real world for a number of reasons—most importantly, you'd end up attracting unnecessary attention to yourself, and we all know that's a bad idea in any dangerous scenario.

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However, anyone who has ventured into EDC gear understands that it can be useful to carry a few tools and key resources on your person. Unfortunately, carrying these items loose in pockets isn't always ideal either, as it lacks organization and attracts pickpockets or muggers.

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So, there needs to be a compromise—how can one carry survival tools and EDC gear, while also remaining inconspicuous? Texas-based Wazoo Survival Gear has developed a new belt that they say provides a solution. It's called the Wazoo Cache Belt, and it recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

As the name implies, the Cache Belt provides a covert hiding place for EDC and survival gear. Yes, the Cache can also cache your cash, among other items. The company offers three packages, for varying needs and situations:

  • The Minimalist is the a la carte version, with integrated gear loops, webbing, pocket, and bottle opener buckle. Expected MSRP is $30.
  • The Essentials is the belt, plus some survival gear, including fire-starter, cordage, and water purification tabs. Expected MSRP is $75.
  • The Adventure adds more gear still, such as an LED flashlight, ceramic knife, snare wire, and compass. Expected MSRP is $115.

Unlike traditional money storage belts and S.E.R.E. belts, the Cache Belts have a 28-inch pocket that spans much of the belt's length continuously. Also, this pocket is sealed by hook-and-loop (Velcro-style material), so it's accessible while the belt is worn, unlike some zippered models currently on the market. We also like that the belt buckle on the Cache Belt doesn't look militaristic, and can open bottles if necessary.

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For more information on the Wazoo Cache Belt, click here to check out the Kickstarter page. The company is also offering discounts off the predicted MSRP for Kickstarter Early Bird supporters.

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