Just about any flashlight on the market can provide illumination in ideal conditions. However, it takes a completely different category of light to reliably continue providing illumination despite exposure to heat, water, dust, pressure, impact, chemical spills, and flammable gases. In these extreme conditions, you'll need a seriously robust light source, and that's exactly what NightStick set out to create with the new DICATA headlamp.

NightStick DICATA headlamp light safety fire rescue helmet 6

The NightStick DICATA is an intrinsically-safe headlamp, meaning that it can be used in areas with dangerous concentrations of flammable gas and dust particles without acting as an ignition source for these substances. This is especially relevant to firefighters, rescue personnel, and other professionals who work in these environments. On top of this, the DICATA is based on an impact- and chemical-resistant glass-filled nylon polymer body, and features an IP-67 dustproof and waterproof sealed design.

NightStick DICATA headlamp light safety fire rescue helmet 5

To get more technical, this light has been certified under cULus, ATEX, and IECEx safety ratings. It also meets the requirements of NFPA 1907-8.6 (2013). For those who aren't familiar with these ratings, they mean that this headlamp has been tested extensively for safe use in the extreme environments we previously described.

NightStick DICATA headlamp light safety fire rescue helmet 4

Beyond this durable design, the NightStick DICATA headlamp features dual light sources: a 275-lumen spotlight and a 250-lumen floodlight. Both can be activated simultaneously for a combined output of 310 lumens. There's also an independently-controlled rear-facing amber light to make others aware of your position from behind.

NightStick DICATA headlamp light safety fire rescue helmet 1

The DICATA's low-profile housing and tough rubber head strap are intended for use on a helmet or hard hat without obstructing face shield movement, and its controls are enlarged for easy access while wearing gloves. It runs on 3 easy-to-find AA batteries, and is available with either a red or green high-visibility housing. For more info on these headlamps, go to NightStick.com.

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