We recently wrote about Alex Wander, an Italian survivalist and knife-maker who shared some photos of his go bag loadout with us. Alex and his brother Greymoose Dino are the founders of Wander Tactical, a knife company that produces hefty blades designed for outdoorsmen, survivalists, preppers, and members of the military.

Wander Tactical go bag loadout gear 8

Up to this point, the Wander Tactical duo — who call themselves a research team rather than a manufacturer — has focused solely on making fixed blades. These range from the small 5-inch Tryceratops to the huge 15-inch T-Rex. They even made a tomahawk called the Pterodactyl Hawk. However, the pair is now branching out into new territory with the creation of the Wander Tactical Hurricane folding knife.

The fixed-blade Hurricane has been part of the Wander Tactical lineup for some time.

The fixed-blade Hurricane has been part of the Wander Tactical lineup for some time. The folding version is all-new.

Fans of Wander Tactical may recognize the Hurricane name, since it's currently applied to a full-tang fixed blade model (seen above). The folding version shares a similar blade shape and strong D2 tool steel construction. The Hurricane folder can be opened via traditional thumb studs, or by a flipper mechanism that also serves as a forefinger guard when the knife is open.

Wander Tactical Hurricane folding knife 6

The locking mechanism is a unique CNC-milled design, which Alex refers to as “a kind of vertical axis that doesn't need tension springs”. We're not entirely sure what that means, but we hope to get our hands on one to find out. The design also includes “a pin that can be put through the scales and the blade to lock the blade”.

Wander Tactical Hurricane folding knife 1v2

Speaking of handle scales, each Wander Tactical Hurricane folder comes standard with aluminum scales, with either black, green, or satin finish. There's also a reversible pocket clip for left- or right-handed carry. The micarta scales pictured here are optional. Here are the rest of the key specs for this blade:

  • Overall Open Length: 8.26″
  • Blade Length: 3.54″
  • Blade Thickness: 0.19″
  • Weight: 6.59 oz.

Wander Tactical Hurricane folding knife 3

Each of these blades is hand-made, manually assembled with its CNC-machined lock, and hand-finished by the two-man team, so they're understandably more expensive than a mass-produced folding knife. MSRP for the Hurricane folder is 349 Euros, or approximately $368 US. The pre-order phase started on December 7th, and the team stated in a Facebook post that the first batch of 50 Wander Tactical Hurricane folders will be shipped near the end of January.

Wander Tactical Hurricane folding knife 2v2

For information on pre-ordering the Wander Tactical Hurricane folding knife, send an email to info@wandertactical.com or follow Alex and Greymoose on social media: Facebook.com/wandertactical or @wandertactical_cutting_tools.

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