Plate carriers and chest rigs are a topic that's frequently discussed on the internet, and it's not hard to see why. Everyone has their own gear preferences and needs, whether it's for sustained combat in a warzone or occasional trips to the shooting range. Regardless, these load-bearing rigs offer a means of carrying spare magazines, medical gear, survival tools, communications equipment, and (in the case of plate carriers) hard armor plates on your torso. As with any survival topic, it's wise to listen to the opinions of those who have had the most real-world experience, and take their thoughts into consideration. This was the impetus behind our latest OFFGRID Live video webinar.

The one-hour webinar, which was held yesterday afternoon, consisted of four subject-matter experts (SMEs) who have worked with OFFGRID and RECOIL in the past:

  • Dan Brokos – Owner/Instructor for Lead Faucet Tactical, 20+ years US Army Special Forces
  • Gabriel Bryant – Owner/Instructor Blue Green Alliance, active duty USMC Reconnaissance and CQT Instructor
  • Ed Calderon – Ed’s Manifesto, 10+ years counter-narcotics law enforcement and protective specialist
  • Aaron Cowan – Owner/Instructor for Sage Dynamics, former US Army, Federal LEO and Security Contractor

As with our previous OFFGRID Live episode, head editor Tom Marshall led the discussion while RECOIL staff member Dave Merrill watched the comments for questions from the audience. Pivotal topics included what to look for when purchasing plate carriers or chest rigs, and how to set them up to best serve your needs. Check out the full webinar on RECOILtv, and stay tuned for more OFFGRID Live streams in the future.

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