If you've ever been to a traditional barbershop, you're likely familiar with the concept of a straight razor. This classic style of blade originated centuries ago, and remained the primary means of shaving until the development of disposable safety razors in the early 1900s. The straight razor certainly has an iconic design, with a thin handle, wide blade, and lever-action folding mechanism.

TOPS TAC-Raze friction folding knife 2

TOPS Knives has released an all-new blade that's inspired by elements of the straight razor design, but also adds a modern twist. It's known as the TAC-Raze, and it's the company's very first friction-folding knife. For those not familiar with friction-folders, this type of knife stays open due to friction, rather than a locking mechanism.

The TOPS TAC-Raze features a long and narrow tang, which allows the knife to be opened easily via leverage, and slots between the handle scales for stability when the knife is open. TOPS calls it a “gentleman's EDC blade” due to its simple and functional design. It's also worth mentioning that while it may be influenced by a straight razor, you might not want to actually shave with it due to the recurved blade shape (unless you're Sweeney Todd).

TOPS TAC-Raze friction folding knife 1

The TAC-Raze is constructed of 1095 high-carbon steel with a tumble finish, and uses black G10 handle scales with a Cryptic Cyber pattern. The knife also includes a molded brown leather sheath, which can be worn horizontally or vertically on a belt.

Here are the rest of this knife's key specs:

  • Overall Length: 7.63 in
  • Blade Length: 3.25 in
  • Blade Thickness: 0.13 in
  • Blade Steel: 1095 RC 56-68
  • Blade Finish: Tumble
  • Handle Material: Black G10
  • Handle Style: Cryptic Cyber scales
  • Weight: 2.7 oz
  • Sheath: Brown leather with belt loop
  • Designed by Leo Espinoza
  • MSRP: $130

For more information on the new TAC-Raze and other TOPS knives, visit TOPSknives.com. Or, check out our reviews of the TOPS Hazen Legion 6.0 and the TOPS Anaconda 7B.

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