You may recall the BioLite HeadLamp from our initial review back in September 2018. At that point, the HeadLamp was still in the Kickstarter phase, generating funding for a full production run. We received a pre-production sample and shared our impressions of it. Recently, we learned that the pre-production HeadLamp we received had a defect, but fortunately BioLite has already corrected this for all retail models (now called the HeadLamp 330).

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Here's the statement we received from a BioLite representative:

“The earlier samples were part of a pilot test, meaning that while all the hardware was ready to roll, BioLite was still in the finishing stages for the firmware, which spoke to the battery system. The pilot had a temp sensor built into the programming which cut the unit off from the battery at 40 degrees – that was updated immediately after the pilot, and all retail models function in freezing weather. But, as with any battery, the colder the weather the faster the discharge. If you plan to be in extreme cold, wearing a hat over the back (where the battery is located) can help keep the battery warm.

The earlier versions will operate normally in warm temperatures – BioLite recommends marking the band of the earlier version with a sharpie so you know which one to take out in the colder temps.”

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Although the testing we did prior to our review didn't reveal this cold-weather issue, we're glad to hear that BioLite caught and proactively resolved it. No one but the handful of pre-release testers would have been affected by this problem, but the fact that BioLite fixed it, notified those who were affected, and sent free replacement headlamps speaks to the company's dedication to making a reliable product.

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Many companies boast about standing behind their products, but in our experience, few actually follow through when a problem arises. We commend BioLite for announcing this defect and correcting it rather than letting users find out about it the hard way.

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