You might think that an item as stealthy and subtle as camouflage wouldn't have a promotional team, since the whole point of these patterns is to fly under the radar. However, the widespread commercial success of MultiCam's family of camouflage patterns has prompted this company to pursue some interesting non-military applications of its technology.

Team Multicam Charity Fundraiser 4

At the forefront of these efforts is Team Multicam, a growing crew of brand ambassadors for MultiCam camouflage. The team's athletes are involved in a wide range of fields, including competitive shooting, skydiving, motorcycle, auto, and off-road truck racing, and even bass fishing.

Team Multicam Charity Fundraiser 1

Many members of the team have extensive military service records, so it makes sense that they share a desire to give something back to our nation's service members. As a result of this desire, Team MultiCam has launched a Military Charity Initiative, where each of the 10 members of the team will choose a military charity and raise funds for it. These charities include the following:

Team Multicam Charity Fundraiser 3

Each of these organizations is working hard to help veterans and their families, so it's good to see these Team MultiCam athletes raising money to assist them. See below for a list of GoFundMe donation pages for each of the 10 members.

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