Make & Model - Kilimanjaro Gear Rappel II
OAL - 6.375 open; 4.25 closed
Materials - stainless steel
Weight - 9.5 ounces
MSRP - $33

Tucked within its body sits a bottle opener, can opener, three screwdrivers, a knife, two types of pliers and a file. The pliers also feature a wire cutter, while its saw and knife are secured when open with liner locks. It all wraps up in a black and green aluminum chassis.

– Comfortable to use
– The pliers are spring-loaded.
– Large nail nicks make the tools easier to open.

– No clip or case to carry it with
– Customer service couldn't tell us what type of stainless steel it's made of.
– The tool's fit and finish is questionable. The tools, for example, wiggle side-to-side.
– When you grip down on the pliers, they have some give.

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