Most pre-made survival kits include small tools such as fish hooks, matches, water purification tablets, and a needle and thread. Most of us know how to use the first three items, but when it comes to sewing, many of us struggle. Sure, it's easy enough to stitch up a tear with copious amounts of messy thread, but if you want your repairs to last, you'll need to learn the right technique.

How to sew on a button 4

Buttons are one of the most common points of failure for clothing. If you lose a button in a survival situation, you could be left with a drafty shirt, non-functional pocket, or pants that are falling down. Obviously, these are not optimal for survival, especially in cold conditions. In order to avoid this, it's handy to know how to re-attach a button with a needle and thread.

The following infographic from Lee Jeans and Real Men Real Style shows how to sew on a button securely:

How to sew on a button 1

If you're a bit confused by these diagrams, here's a video that shows the technique clearly:

Much like knots, this technique may seem rather complicated at first. However, with a little practice, muscle memory will kick in and you'll be able to sew on buttons in seconds. Even if you don't care about looking a bit disheveled, it's important knowledge to have so you can stay warm and protected from the elements.

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