Have you ever wondered how our ancestors survived in the harsh landscapes of the North American Southwest? How they utilized ancient hunting techniques and thrived using primitive tools and techniques? We recently stumbled upon a captivating video titled “Journey Back In Time: Ancient Ram Hunt” that takes us on a fascinating journey into the past, exploring the hunting techniques of the ancestral Puebloan culture.

You may recognize the video's host, Phillip Liebel, a contestant on the History Channel's Alone: The Beast, instructor at Primitive Wilderness Survival, and an expert in primitive technology. Phillip delves deep into the history of the ancestral Puebloans, a nomadic culture that thrived in the Southwest's arid climate. He discusses their lifestyle, their movement patterns, and their ingenious use of resources. But the truly exciting content is his exploration of the Puebloan's hunting tools and techniques.

Phillip also displays his replica ‘sand dune knife' and discusses the dynamics of an ‘atlatl', or spear-throwing lever, both items based on artifacts and rock art left behind by the Puebloans. He also crafts a dart from river cane, similar to the reeds used by the Puebloans. The highlight of the video is when he puts these tools to the test, successfully hunting a ram using the self-made atlatl and dart.

This video is a testament to the ingenuity and resilience of our ancestors, and it's a thrilling watch for anyone interested in history, survival techniques, or hunting. We've embedded the video below for you to enjoy.

After watching, we'd love to hear your thoughts. What did you find most fascinating about the ancestral Puebloan culture? Have you ever tried replicating primitive tools or techniques? Share your experiences in the comments section below!

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