The Road by Cormac McCarthy is a literary masterpiece. I don't say that because of its Pulitzer Prize, or because I share the same last name as it's author (no relation, unfortunately). I say that because it's one of the most visceral gut-wrenching descriptions of post-apocalyptic survival I've ever read.

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The book tells the story of a father and his young son as they deal with the mental and physical hardships of staying alive in the ash-covered wasteland that was once America. The characters are never named beyond “man” and “boy”, and the cataclysmic event that wiped out society is never fully explained. All that remains is the dark, cold road and a glimmer of fading hope for something better.

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Kitanica recently released a short film known as Sojourn, and watching it immediately reminded us of The Road. It, too, covers the fictional journey of a man and a boy across a barren landscape fraught with danger. There's no lengthy dialogue or complex storyline, just some artistic camera work and an atmospheric soundtrack. The Road sets a high bar for this sort of story, but Sojourn struck us as a pretty cool cinematic nod to this classic book. It also does a great job of showcasing Kitanica's apparel in a creative way.

The description of this video sums up the message concisely: “A reminder of the razor thin line of life as we know it. Being unprepared is being prepared to fail.”

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