One of the biggest struggles of building a bug-out bag is keeping everything organized and quickly accessible. You can have all the gear in the world within your BOB, but if you can't find the items you need in an emergency, that gear might as well be left at home.

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Organization of gear is essential for fast access.

A lot of this comes down to choosing a backpack that offers sufficient internal pouches and compartments, and you'll also want to bag and separate your clothes, food, water, and survival tools. However, when you're dealing with small items like matches, tinder, batteries, water purification tablets, or even a fishing or sewing kit, you'll need a smaller container. Ideally, this container should be waterproof and hard-sided to protect these delicate materials, and it should also attach easily to your existing gear.

The Thyrm Cell Vault provides a great solution for storing small and delicate items.

The Thyrm Cell Vault provides a great solution for storing small and fragile items.

Enter the Thyrm Cell Vault, a sealable polymer tube that's designed for small items. Best of all, it will clip directly onto any gear with PALS webbing, such as that found on MOLLE-compatible bags and packs. This allows the user to snap the Cell Vault onto the interior or exterior of their gear, keeping small items on hand and protected from the elements.

I actually use one of these vaults on my own bug-out bag to store spare CR123 batteries for my flashlight. It sure beats digging around for loose batteries, or cramming them into a leaky Altoids tin.

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In the video below, SensiblePrepper shows 10 different ideas for items that you can store inside a Thyrm Cell Vault:

The AR-15 parts kit storage is pretty ingenious, and we also liked the idea of using this vault to store petroleum-jelly-soaked cotton balls or other moisture-sensitive tinder.

Do you use a Cell Vault, or do you prefer another type of small container for your survival gear? Let us know in the comments.

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