Even if you're not a firearms expert, it's easy to recognize that a quality gun is nothing without quality ammunition. Just like you wouldn't try to run a Formula 1 race car on crude oil, you shouldn't cheap out when it comes to loading your firearm—especially when those very bullets are putting food on your table, or are the only thing between you and an armed criminal.

Daniel Defense 300BLK subsonic ammo 2

With this in mind, Daniel Defense has released new line of ammunition known as First Choice. This First Choice ammo is designed under the same rigorous standards of quality Daniel Defense applies to their weapons, so you know it can depend on it. The first caliber to launch under this new line is 300BLK, also known as 300 AAC Blackout or 7.62x35mm.

For those not familiar, 300BLK is a cartridge designed for use with AR-15 platform rifles, and it achieves similar ballistics to the Soviet 7.62x39mm commonly used in the iconic AK-47. However, the advantage of 300BLK is that it can easily fit into standard AR-15 magazines while retaining their normal capacity.

Daniel Defense's new 300BLK ammo is also subsonic, which has the added benefit of eliminating the loud crack exhibited by a supersonic bullet traveling downrange. This yields excellent noise reduction for personal- and home-defense scenarios, as well as hunting applications, making it an ideal choice for survivalists.

As we mentioned earlier, this new ammunition is manufactured using the highest-quality components available, with durable brass cases and precision 220-grain Lapua-Scenar-L OTM bullets. Finally, every round is stamped with a “DD” emblem and undergoes a critical inspection before leaving the factory. The Daniels' long standing philosophy applies: “If it's not perfect, it doesn't go to market.”

The new Daniel Defense 300BLK ammo retails for $50 for a 30-round box, and can be purchased directly at DanielDefense.com. Free shipping is included with any purchase of four boxes (one case) or more.

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