When you think of a multi-tool, you probably envision the traditional design offered by many brands over the last few decades—two straight handles, each filled with a number of fold-out gadgets, and a large pair of needle-nose pliers at one end. We certainly don't dislike this formula, but it's also advantageous to think outside the box sometimes. This desire to re-imagine the traditional multi-tool led Christian Reed to come up with the GRIPsher EDC tool.

A design progression of the GRIPsher, from pencil sketch to finished product.

A design progression of the GRIPsher, from pencil sketch to finished product.

Christian is a U.S. Army veteran, so he understands the need for high-quality tools for our military service members. He's also a mechanical engineer from one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Putting his experience and education to good use under the name Outsmarting Technologies, he decided to develop what he feels is a superior replacement for the mini-tools available today.

In an email to us, Christian wrote, “I created this multi-tool while on a recent Army deployment, after becoming frustrated with available compact multi-tools. When wearing gloves and performing tasks simultaneously, traditional multi-tools were hard to use and operate. [The GRIPsher] is designed to be clipped and secured almost anywhere and can be operated using a single hand, even with gloves on.”

Gripsher compact multi tool edc 4

The glow-in-the-dark green HEXGRIP jaws hold interchangeable hex bits for a variety of uses.

The GRIPsher is built in a unique circular formation, which allows it to be clipped onto keychains, backpack PALS webbing, belt loops, and other apparel. While it does feature many of the same tools as a traditional multi-tool, it also includes several you might not expect. Check out the image below for a full list of features:

Gripsher compact multi tool edc 1

Right off the bat, we like the central bottle opener and the curved blade shape. The thumb screw lock nut also allows the tool to be used as a pair of locking pliers, a miniature C-clamp, or a secure thickness gauge.

Spyder hex bit holders will be sent to backers who help the company reach its $120,000 stretch goal.

Spyder hex bit holders will be sent to Kickstarter backers who help the company reach its $120,000 stretch goal.

Gripsher compact multi tool edc 2

If you're interested in pre-ordering a GRIPsher tool, you can do so now for $35 at the company's Kickstarter page. For $60, you can order a special black-finished GRIPsher tool, and the company will donate a GRIPsher Military model to one U.S. military service member. Other packages, including bundle discounts and custom-engraved Titanium models are also available.

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