Staying warm during the winter is crucial in order to survive. Without adequate clothing, the human body quickly becomes susceptible to hypothermia and frostbite. The traditional solution is to layer garments, trapping air pockets and slowing the loss of heat. However, modern technology has provided an alternate means of staying warm: the electronically-heated jacket.

One such heated jacket is (appropriately) called the Heacket, produced by Chinese company Meltpartners Outdoors. This jacket has some features that appear promising, and is currently accumulating the funds necessary to begin production via an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. This campaign has already generated over $32,000, far above the company's initial $10,000 goal.

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The Heacket works via three panels of patented carbon-based soft warming (CSW) fabric, with waterproof heating wire sewn into the material. Speaking of which, the jacket is said to be entirely waterproof (to 6.5 feet immersion) and washable. The heat panels are controlled by a handheld detachable battery pack, which provides four temperature settings:

  • 25% Power – 77°F / 25°C
  • 50% Power – 95°F / 35°C
  • 75% Power – 113°F / 45°C
  • 100% Power – 131°F / 55°C
Virtual-reality temperature gauge not included.

Futuristic virtual-reality temperature gauge graphics not included.

The company states that the wearer will begin feeling warmth within 3 seconds of powering on the control module, and demonstration videos using a FLIR thermal camera appear to corroborate this claim. The battery is said to last up to 6 hours, and additional batteries are currently available for $39 each.

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Early supporters of the IndieGoGo campaign can currently purchase the Heacket with a single battery pack for $119 plus shipping. Once the crowdfunding campaign closes on Tuesday, January 17th, the Heacket will be available at the standard MSRP of $249.

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