Whether you like it or not, you're judged by strangers based on your appearance long before you can use actions or words. You'd probably get a warm reception if you stroll into a bank wearing a tailored Italian suit, while you might get sneered at if you were wearing sweatpants, an old tanktop, and flip-flops. Similarly, carrying around a camouflage-pattern backpack covered in morale patches and PALS webbing might turn some heads in certain locations, while a solid-color bookbag would blend right in — even if the two packs contained the exact same gear.

Maxpedition Entity backpack grayman discreet CCW EDC gear 1

This dilemma has led many companies in the tactical industry to develop products that could be considered “gray man” gear. It's a trend we've seen a lot lately, especially at SHOT Show 2018. At SHOT, Maxpedition launched a new line of discreet packs and accessories known as the Entity series.

Maxpedition Entity backpack grayman discreet CCW EDC gear 3

The new Maxpedition Entity series is part of the company's three-part approach to the pack market: Legacy for traditional modular gear, Advanced Gear Research (AGR) for modern streamlined items, and Entity for covert products.

Maxpedition Entity backpack grayman discreet CCW EDC gear 2

The Entity line will launch with four backpacks, each built from a subtle gray 500-denier Kodra fabric with water-resistant polyurethane coating. These packs also feature tuckable magnetic wings for quick closure of the full-zip main compartment, and a hidden CCW compartment with ambidextrous accessibility. Here's a list of the four packs:

Maxpedition Entity backpack grayman discreet CCW EDC gear 5

A variety of shoulder-strap-mounted pouches will also be available as part of the Entity line, along with two interior hook-and-loop panels which attach to the inside of the main compartment. The Maxpedition Entity series will be available starting in March 2018. To learn more about the line, check out the promo video below or go to Maxpedition.com.

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