Helle Knives was founded in 1932 in the small mountain town of Holmedal, Norway. Two brothers, Steinar and Sigmund Helle, began making practical belt knives in a small forge for local residents. The town had no electricity, so the men used a manual More than 85 years later, Helle Knives is still producing all its knives in Holmedal and following the traditional Scandinavian design style.

Helle knives Norway Trofe bushcraft knife tool scandinavian 1

Photo by Anthony Awaken

The latest release by the company is the Helle Trofé, which is new for 2018. It features an elegant layered handle composed of darkened oak, staghorn, and curly birchwood. The 3.5-inch drop point blade is made of Helle's signature triple-laminated stainless steel, and features a slim spine and Scandi grind to make quick and delicate cuts.

Helle knives Norway Trofe bushcraft knife tool scandinavian 3

Photo by Anthony Awaken

The Helle Trofé comes with a stitched leather belt sheath, which secures to the knife's handle via a brass nub. Like all Helle knives, the Trofé is designed to be maintained in the field with a diamond sharpener or whetstone. Its stainless steel requires less maintenance than a high-carbon blade, but occasional application of grease will help preserve the finish.

Helle knives Norway Trofe bushcraft knife tool scandinavian 5

MSRP for this knife is $179. For more information, go to Helle.no.

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