It doesn't take much to turn the tide in a survival situation. When it comes to starting a fire, collecting food and water, or navigating to safety, even a handful of small tools can provide a tremendous advantage. While it's certainly possible to survive bare-handed, this will consume far more time and energy than would be required with a proper set of resources. This realization led one veteran to create Superesse Straps, a company that hand-makes miniature survival kits for everyday carry.

Superesse straps morale patch velcro survival tools 8

The new Superesse patch kit can contain a variety of different survival tools.

Superesse Straps is known primarily for its paracord survival bracelets, such as the Bug-Out Bracelet we reviewed in the past. The company has recently expanded its line into keychains, neck knife lanyards, and handkerchiefs. More recently, Superesse announced a new type of discreet EDC survival kit: the Superesse Morale Patch Kit.

Superesse straps morale patch velcro survival tools 4

The new Superesse morale patch kits consist of a standard-size 3-inch by 2-inch velcro patch, with a concealed slit cut on the back side. This offers a small compartment that can be filled with a variety of mini survival tools, ranging from fire-starters and water purification tablets to handcuff keys and fishing kits. The standard Superesse Morale Patch Kit uses a clearly-labeled patch for quick identification, but flag patches and other inconspicuous designs are also available.

Superesse straps morale patch velcro survival tools 1

As for the kit contents, Superesse offers 13 different pre-built configurations to choose from, or you can request a custom set of tools. Here's a breakdown of the standard 13 patch kits, and some of the notable items in each:

  • Survival – Water purification tab, fish hook and line, P38 tool, mini surgical blade
  • Escape – Kevlar saw, diamond wire, ceramic blade/striker, handcuff key, shim pin
  • Illumination – Glow surfaces, mini chemlights, matchstick LED lights
  • Signal/Navigation – Hardened mirror, IR glint tag, SOLAS reflector, mini compass
    Superesse straps morale patch velcro survival tools 5
  • Fire – Waterproof match, strike-anywhere match, ferro rod, tinder wick, char cloth
  • Rescue – V-cutter tool, wound closure strips, alcohol wipe, antibacterial tinder
  • Supply “MacGyver” – Screwdriver bit, paperclip, nail, ziptie, security pin, duct tape
  • Micro-Escape – Kevlar saw, handcuff key
  • Egress – Glow surfaces, mini compass, kevlar saw, handcuff key
    Superesse straps morale patch velcro survival tools 3
  • Field-X Firearm 1.0 – Cotton swabs, cotton patches, front sight tool, P38 tool, CLP
  • Field-X Firearm 2.0 – Paracord bore snake, cotton swabs, cotton patches, AR-15 cleaner tool
  • Camp Saw – Extra-long kevlar saw
  • Bug-Out – Water purification tab, fish hooks, P38 tool, cooking foil, ferro rod, tinder wick

Prices for these kits range from $25 to $65. For more information, visit or check out the Superesse Etsy storefront.

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