Last week, we learned about the launch of a new knife brand known as Terrain 365. Our interest was piqued when we read that the brand began as a collaboration between ABS Master Bladesmith Michael Vagnino (of MV Knives) and experienced gear designer Patrick York Ma (of Prometheus Design Werx). But the statement that really made us want to know more was the announcement that these new blades are made from a “proprietary rust-proof super alloy known as Terravantium”.

Terrain 365 Element Alpha HD Bravo knives terravantium steel paracord 1

According to the announcement, Terravantium is a dendritic cobalt alloy. This material is non-ferrous and non-magnetic. Terrain 365 says it is “guaranteed to be free from any corrosion or rust in any naturally occurring environments found on planet Earth… [including] fresh and salt water sources, snow, mud, blood, fruit juice, jungles, swamps, rainforests, and more.” It also incorporates crystalline carbide surrounded by a cobalt matrix, which is said to provide extreme wear resistance and a “micro-serrated edge”.

These characteristics could make Terravantium an attractive option for outdoor use, especially in wet environments. Terrain 365 says it's ideal for backpackers, hunters, river runners, and even divers.

Terrain 365 has launched with two fixed-blade knife models known as the Element Alpha-HD and Bravo-HD. The Alpha-HD (above) features a 4-inch blade, 8-inch overall length, and 550 paracord handle wrap; the Bravo-HD (below) features a 3-inch blade, 6-inch OAL, and ALSE Type 95 cord handle wrap.

Terrain 365 Element Alpha HD Bravo knives terravantium steel paracord 3

The cordage on each knife is available in your choice of four colors: black, OD green, coyote brown, or orange. A color-matched Kydex sheath is also included with each knife — the Alpha-HD sheath has a low-profile belt clip, and both sheaths include eyelets for attachment to other gear.

Terrain 365 Element Alpha HD Bravo knives terravantium steel paracord 5Terrain 365 Element Alpha HD Bravo knives terravantium steel paracord 4

The Element Alpha-HD and Bravo-HD are both made in the USA, and available now at $265 and $195 MSRP, respectively. For more info, go to We hope to get our hands on these knives in the future so we can test these bold claims of corrosion resistance and edge retention — stay tuned.

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