There's seemingly not a lot of of overlap between fixed-blade combat knives and every-day carry folding knives. These are tools for two different jobs. However, despite their differences, sharing inspiration between the two categories can produce some interesting results. The new Zero Tolerance 0223 can be considered Exhibit A for this idea — the folder is said to be inspired by a “classic military knife,” which seems like an oblique reference until you take a look at the design. Its progenitor pretty much has to be the venerable Ka-Bar.

The ZT 0223 (a model number that's a clear nod to .223 caliber, much like the ZT 0022 micro knife is a nod to .22 LR) was designed by Tim Galyean to echo that older aesthetic. It blends this with modern ZT knifemaking technology to make it suitable for contemporary EDC.

To that end, the black Teflon pocket clip is left/right reversible, there's jimping on the spine, and it has a blade cutout to reduce weight too. In order to withstand the rigors of daily (as in everyday) use, the 3.5-inch blade is built with top-of-the-line CPM 20CV steel. That alloy has the highest level of chromium of any high-vanadium steel, giving it superior corrosion resistance to other metals. They add a black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating to that, along with a ceramic bead blast for a non-glare finish.

The Zero Tolerance 0223 features a titanium frame lock with hardened steel lockbar insert, ZT's own KVT ball-bearing system, and what they describe as a “highly ergonomic flipper.” To pay homage to the original knife's leather handle, it utilizes earth brown G10 handle scales (a few shades darker than FDE), which also provides for a secure grip. The Ti handle has also been DLC coated with a bead blast to match the blade. Other aesthetic, albeit functional, touches include a bronze-anodized titanium tube spacer in the handle and decorative holes drilled in the ricasso of the blade.

As with all ZT knives, the 0223 is made in the USA at the company's Tualatin, Oregon HQ. MSRP is $300. For more information, go to

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