Eye protection is helpful in any survival scenario, whether it's used to protect your eyes from dust and debris, or simply to shield your vision from sunlight and glare. They can even help conceal your identity in certain cases. As a result, we rarely leave home without a good pair of sunglasses.

Skeleton Optics Decoy multicam sunglasses 1

Supporters of “Team Skeleton” include many celebrities and athletes.

Skeleton Optics is an American eyewear company headquartered in Florida, which uses high-quality components to craft sunglasses designed for active lifestyles. The company's flexible Grilamid TR-90 material frames are manufactured in Italy, while the polarized lenses are supplied by Carl Zeiss Vision. The lenses also include patented Tri-Pel hydrophobic, anti-smudge, oil-repellent technology, for maximum clarity in all conditions.

Recently, Skeleton Optics has announced a new partnership with MultiCam. This has led to a range of the company's popular Decoy model sunglasses with three different MultiCam camo finishes. These special editions of the Decoy MultiCam include:

  • Alpine Edition – White and grey winter camouflage pattern, for snow-covered environments
  • Black Edition – Black with dark green camouflage pattern, for urban environments
  • Original Edition – Original MultiCam camouflage pattern, the same camo pattern that has been officially-issued to U.S. Army forces

The application of the camouflage pattern varies slightly from one frame to the next, so no two frames will have the same pattern. Each edition also offers a variety of lens color choices: Bronze Titanic, Blue Gun, Silver Chrome, Petrol Green, and Gray.

All variants of the Skeleton Optics Decoy MultiCam have a MSRP of $180. For more information on the Skeleton Optics MultiCam partnership, go to SkeletonOptics.com/collections/multicam-edition.

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