The team at Wazoo Survival Gear have created several clever ways to carry survival tools — the Cache Belt and Cache Cap feature hidden pockets for small items such as money, documents, and keys. These are especially helpful in situations where you're concerned about maintaining a low-profile appearance, or in locations where pickpockets and muggers might try to take your valuables.

But at the beginning of this month, Wazoo released a product that takes this stealthy approach to EDC to a whole new level: the Keyster.

Wazoo Survival Gear Keyster EDC storage capsule April fools day 2

With the Wazoo Keyster capsule, you can store your valuables securely in the last place the bad guys are going to want to look. It's available in two convenient sizes — the Original is $20, and the XL is $40. Each comes with a high-visibility polymer shell and keychain/retention loop. Check out the video below to see how it works:

In case it wasn't obvious already, the Keyster was Wazoo Survival Gear's April Fool's Day product this year. Still, it appears that you can actually buy them. Just please don't try to stick your additional EDC gear where the sun doesn't shine — it might be extra stealthy, but Wazoo makes it clear that this product is for external use only.

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