Working out in a survival scenario is beneficial in a number of ways. First, although it burns valuable calories, if you’re in peak physical shape, you’ll have more endurance for future tasks. Second, it makes for a good way to occupy time and maintain a positive mental attitude. It even improves your physical defenses in case you’re attacked by hostiles.

However, when most of us think about working out, we think about dumbbells, weight benches, and other equipment you might find at the gym. Unless you’re planning to hunker down in your basement or garage, you probably won’t have access to these items. So what do you do to stay in shape? Use the weight you always have with you—your body weight.

These body weight exercises from fitness trainer Neila Rey provide a good index for how to tone various muscle groups. Some are obvious, like push-ups and sit-ups, but others are more obscure. Try integrating some of these into your next workout, and if you’re feeling ambitious, make it a tic-tac-toe-style game to complete one exercise from each category.

Body Weight Exercises

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