In case you haven't heard, our friends and cohorts at RECOIL Magazine recently launched an all-new exclusive video channel known as RECOILtv. Some of this video content will be presented by our staff and directly related to SHTF/OFFGRID survival techniques, while the rest will cover topics related to firearms, transportation, training, and personal defense. To be honest, this has been an immense undertaking, so we're really excited to see it come to fruition.

Phuc Long of Firepower United demonstrates with an FN SCAR 16S.

Phuc Long of Firepower United dispels some myths with an FN SCAR 16S.

One of our favorite videos so far is focused on busting some silencer myths. You've probably seen a movie that shows a silenced gun making almost no sound at all, or played a video game that dramatically reduces the damage of weapons fitted with silencers. Unfortunately, the general public has a lot of deep-seated misconceptions about what silencers can and can't do in the real world.

With this in mind, Phuc Long of Firepower United spent some time with RECOIL staff at the range, and discussed how a silencer can reduce a gun's sound signature. Rather than doing so in a cold and clinical manner, he took the topic in a humorous direction. Check it out:

“Come with me if you want to not die” sounds like a Terminator outtake. Then again, we bet Kyle Reese wished he had this kind of firepower to fend off the T-800. Movie references aside, it's pretty hard to keep a straight face while watching a Sriracha-shirt-clad guy unload rounds into a ballistic gel Lego man.

For more RECOILtv video clips, check out

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