Make & Model - First Lite Wilkin Half Zip Aerowool Top & Glenbrook 3/4 Length Aerowool Bottoms
Fabric - First Lite Aerowool (intimate blend of merino wool and Cocona 37.5 infused polyester fibers), 65% wool / 35% polyester
Weight - 7.6/4.7 ounces (medium)
Colors - Black, Conifer, Dry Earth, First Lite Cipher, First Lite Fusion
MSRP - $115/$90

Aerowool Fabric uses a merino wool base fiber with a Cocona 37.5 polyester kicker. The blend adds absorbent elements that increase the surface area of the fiber by 800 percent and improves breathability, as well. We don't know about all that, but we can tell you the Fabrics provided warmth while on a slow up and downhill moose stalk that lasted most of a long, exhausting day. Layers were donned and doffed, but the Wilkin Half Zip remained constant.

The highly technical top features perforated Fabric underarms and crotch for excellent breathability, seams that never chafe, a deep zippered front that dumps heat like a opening a car door at 70 mph, a low T-neck that keeps out the draft, but doesn't get hung up on a rifle sling, and thumbholes to keep the sleeves from riding up when reaching out. The boot cut bottoms worked great with tall, waterproof Muck boots.

– Perforated Fabric in key areas increases comfort
– Deep venting zipper
– Ninja sleeves

– Fabric pills

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