MITTS - Mammut Cover Mitten
COLORS - Black
PALM MATERIAL - DRYtech Waterproof/Breathable 2.5 Layer Laminate
BASE MATERIAL - DRYtech Waterproof/Breathable 2.5 Layer Laminate
MSRP - $69
NOTES - Take just about any glove or mitten and add the Cover Mitten to give it handwear superpowers. It's a windproof and waterproof hard shell for your hands that extends the host handwear's usable range downward by trapping more air, too.
PERFORMANCE - We used the Cover mitts with a pair of already warm Hestra ski mittens. The covers added warmth to them by keeping the cold mist and wet man-made snow from sticking to the original mittens. The beauty is how small and light these are compared to the utility they provide. Ball them up and shove them in a pocket, and you'll forget about them. The best part is how stoked you'll be in your hour of need when you realize you've got them.

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