When someone mentions “survival food”, what do you think of? Many of us envision shelves full of cans, jars, vacuum-packed pouches, and large bags of dry beans and rice. These shelf-stable items are all great foods to have on hand for emergencies. However, a small sustainable garden can add a much-needed dose of freshness to your recipes — all you'll need is some kitchen scraps, water, and sunlight.

Infographic food regrow vegetable garden plant onion 7

We often think that growing food is a difficult and painstaking process. But if you've ever left a potato in the back of a cupboard, or forgot about half an onion in the recesses of your fridge, you'll know that growth tends to happen on its own. The little green sprouts may be a nuisance if you're looking for a quick snack, but they'll pay dividends in the long run if you're patient. Vegetable scraps can be re-planted in soil or water to promote new growth, and before you know it you'll have a miniature garden.

Infographic food regrow fruit garden plant pineapple 8

Even pineapples can be regrown, though they'll require patience, as they take several years to produce fruit.

The following infographic from JerryJamesStone.com shows methods for regrowing fruits and veggies from trimmings and kitchen waste. This is financially smart since it can save you money on groceries, but it's also a good skill to learn in case SHTF and grocery stores are no longer an option.  Click here for a full-size version of this infographic.

Infographic food regrow fruit vegetable garden plant 1Infographic food regrow fruit vegetable garden plant 2Infographic food regrow fruit vegetable garden plant 3Infographic food regrow fruit vegetable garden plant 4

Other fruits and veggies can be regrown using similar methods. One notable addition that's left out by the above guide is the avocado. With a few toothpicks and a jar of water, you can grow an avocado tree:

Infographic food regrow fruit vegetable garden plant 5

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