Effective self-defense is essential in any emergency — you've likely already considered tactics for defense against home invasion, but have you thought about how you'd respond if someone attacked your vehicle in a bug-out scenario? If you're forced to stop in the road, you may not have the luxury of taking cover behind a building or solid barricade, so it's likely that you'll need to use your vehicle as cover. However, doing so incorrectly can leave you needlessly exposed.

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RECOIL met with Dan Brokos, and filmed a three-part video series demonstrating some ways to effectively return fire from over, under, and around a vehicle. Dan's techniques include laying the gun on its side across the hood and shooting left-handed behind the rear bumper — these methods leave you less visible and less vulnerable.

Recoiltv shooting around vehicles truck bugout self defense rifle tactics 2

In part one, Dan shows how to shoot over the hood of a car or truck. This position provides more physical cover by positioning your body behind the engine block and front axle (although as Dan will mention later, these parts shouldn't be considered impenetrable).

In part two, Dan discusses shooting underneath a vehicle. As seen in the previous segment, it's still wise to stay behind the engine, but getting low to the ground and bracing against a forearm may allow you to get a clearer shot at the threat.

In part three, Dan demonstrates how to shoot from around the front or rear of the vehicle. This may require switching your weapon to your off hand in order to stay behind cover.

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