Let's take a look at something interesting that's stirring up the camping and survival scene. Meet the latest Outdoor Element entrants that are set to improve how we interact with the wild: Flicker Feather and Scout Feather. These aren't just any knives, they're innovative, merging tradition with cutting-edge design to cater to adventurous spirits.

Kickstarter Campaign

For those unfamiliar, Kickstarter is the launchpad for creative minds to bring their visions to life. It’s a place where backers and creators build a community around projects worth believing in. Remember, backing a project is a journey filled with updates and engagement, not a mere transaction. Outdoor Element is utilizing this platform to get these products out to the masses, and they have already surpassed their goals. You can checkout the campaign here:

Flicker Feather & Scout Feather

What makes these blades stand out? The Flicker Feather and Scout Feather come equipped with four essential features: Cut, Combustion, Sharpen, and Signal. These tools aren't just about surviving, they're about thriving in the wild.

Constructed from VG10 steel and boasting a Rockwell hardness of 57-59, along with a 15.5% Chromium content, these knives are built to last. Whether you're preparing a meal at the campsite or splitting wood for a fire, these blades are designed for resilience and versatility.

The knives feature a 90° spine, perfect for sparking fires with the integrated hex ferro rod. They also come with a built-in sharpener in the sheath, ensuring your blade remains as sharp as your wits. And in case of emergency, the 115dB whistle is your call to be found.

G10 handles ensure a secure grip, and a reconfigurable belt clip makes for easy carry. The option to wear it as a neck knife adds to its versatility and ensures it’s always within reach when you need it.

GIF of unboxing the flicker feather knife by Outdoor Element.

Unique Features for Each Blade

Each knife brings something special to the table. The Flicker Feather, with its EDC Chisel Blade, is engineered for fine cuts and woodwork. The Scout Feather, on the other hand, with its EDC Drop Point Blade, combines strength and sharpness for great durability in the field.

Photo of the Flicker Feather Knife by Outdoor Element.

A Nod to Heritage and Craft

The names Flicker and Scout Feather draw inspiration from nature and a rich heritage. These names pay homage to the spirit of adventure and the deep-rooted connections with the natural world and Native American culture.

Feedback from bladesmiths, fieldcraft experts, and wilderness survival instructors speaks volumes. Without a single paid review, the genuine, enthusiastic endorsements highlight the impact and quality of these knives.

GIF of unboxing the Scout Feather knife by Outdoor Element.

The Team Behind the Blades

Outdoor Element, based in Colorado, is the brainchild of a passionate team led by Mike, a former aerospace engineer turned outdoor gear innovator. With a track record of successful Kickstarter campaigns and a portfolio of patented products, they're no strangers to bringing groundbreaking gear to the market.

With a 10-year manufacturer warranty and a focus on sustainable practices, including eco-friendly packaging and long-lasting design, Outdoor Element stands by their products and the planet. You can learn more about Outdoor Element and their other projects here at OutdoorElement.com

Photo of the Scout Feather Knife by Outdoor Element.

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