We're always intrigued by the creative campfire techniques people come up with, especially those that create efficient flames and minimize wasted fuel. There are actually several methods for creating a fire from a single log—we already discussed the Swedish torch in a previous post. Today, we're sharing a similar technique, known as a rocket stove.

Rocket stove log 02

A log that's about 6 inches wide and 1 foot long will work well for this stove.

No, we're not suggesting you try to cook with a model rocket engine. A so-called rocket stove uses a small-diameter combustion chamber with an insulated vertical chimney. This creates a narrow jet of flame, much like the one found at the business end of a rocket, hence the name.

When creating a rocket stove from a log, this means drilling into the center of the wood, both from the top and from one side. The L-shaped ventilation design feeds the fire with oxygen, and the log itself acts as fuel. This video from IntenseAngler shows how it's done:

Of course, if you don't have power tools, you may want to choose the Swedish torch. That design only requires an ax or knife to split the log into quarters. Nevertheless, this rocket stove design seems promising, and could be fun to try in your backyard or while car camping.

We especially like the point about throwing the rocket stove onto your campfire when you're finished with it. Waste not, want not.

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